Infinity Pump has worked with large water parks (ex: Zoombeezi Bay, Columbus, Ohio) and municipal pool sites (ex: Grandview, Ohio) for many years. Our expertise with all brands of commercial pool pumps, including Marlow and Pentair, enables us to handle yearly maintenance, new additions, and urgent situations with confidence.

In addition to simply providing parts, or a new pump to meet a flow and pressure specification, we can go a step beyond by suggesting upgraded metallurgy, improved mechanical seals, and thin, dense chromium coating for wear parts when appropriate. We can work with you to correct and (better yet) prevent cavitation issues that are often present in pool and water park applications.

If you have a complex arrangement, with many pumps for a multitude of water features, we can perform a survey of your pumps. This will enable us to keep a database of your equipment, including pictures of data plates, motor information, special issues and concern for each installation, and known maintenance issues. Sourcing parts, replacing pumps, and tracking changes and upgrades to equipment over time becomes effortless.

No matter where you are geographically, we can use digital images, Face Time, Skype, and digital videos to work with you long distance if need be. It is often the case that with a couple of photos and a conversation that we can provide a solution as well as if we were on site with you.

We look forward to working with you whether you have one pool, a pool complex, or a water park.

Infinity Pump offers Mechanical Seals, Packing, and Repair Kits for All Major Brands of Commercial Pool Pumps

Infinity Pump Offers New Pumps for All Major Brands of Pool Pumps

Grandview, Ohio Municipal Pool Pump

Grandview, Ohio Municipal Pool Pump

Pentair Pool Pump Impellers

Pentair Pool Pump Impellers

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Marlow Pump Installation in a Commercial Water Park

Marlow Pump Installation in a Commercial Water Park



Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) bring many advantages to commercial pool pump applications:

  • Pumps will only run as fast as required
  • VFDs can be used to eliminate cavitation
  • Energy cost savings can more than pay for the VFD itself
  • Pumps can be kept running only on safe, efficient parts of the pump curve


Commercial pool applications are challenging for impellers. Below are pictures of failed Marlow impellers with extensive erosion, pitting, and corrosion:

Failed Impeller from a Commercial Pool. Top down view.

Failed Impeller Side view. Note the extensive corrosion.

Failed Impeller Close Up

Infinity Pump, with material selection and/or special coatings, can provide much more robust and durable impellers. Below are replacement Marlow impellers for these same pumps that have been upgraded by Infinity Pump:

Coated Impeller Side View

New Coated Impeller Top Down View

3 Coated Impellers for a Commercial Pool Application

After extended operation, the Infinity Pump upgraded impellers still look like new:

Used Impeller Top Down View


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