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Why Choose Infinity Pump

We are not a traditional distributor. We are a multi-brand solution provider.

If you contact us for parts for a Brand X pump, we can likely provide those parts. But we can also offer upgraded parts. Or improved materials. Or maybe a replacement pump is a better choice, and we can offer not only a new Brand X pump but perhaps a Brand Y pump that would better fit your application.

If you need to know why your pump is failing, we can help with failure analysis.

If you need a custom pump or system, we can help specify it.

If your pump is older and no longer "supported", we can probably provide parts, or offer a new pump not necessarily from the original brand.

We are not constrained by the traditional business model because we don't think you should be constrained by the traditional business model.

Welcome to Infinity Pump.

Diaphragm pump with VFD installation

Diaphragm pump with VFD custom installation

A Real Asset

"Infinity Pump is a real asset to our company. They are the ones to call for access to pumps and parts from multiple manufacturers."

Bret Law
Mid-Ohio Electric, an EASA-certified shop

Our Expertise

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